IT Hardware & Software Consultant

After truly understanding the needs of each client, the TPK Consulting
Services team
of consultants applies their extensive experience with existing and new technologies
to recommend the best solution for each specific situation.

following steps outline the various aspects of this process:

  • One or more TPK technical
    resources will work directly with each client to understand their
    business, how they are currently utilizing technology, and how technology
    can play an integral role in helping them to better achieve their business
  • Once TPK understands the
    client’s business goals, a consultant will fully assess the current state
    of the technology usage at the client, identifying critical infrastructure
    and processes as well as identifying areas of vulnerability and potential
  • The consultant team will continue
    to work collaboratively with the client to determine if there are areas of
    improvement that should be pursued or if maintenance of the existing
    equipment and processes is sufficient.
  • If improvements are desired,
    TPK will tap into its extensive experience and perform research as needed
    to make recommendations and prepare quotations outlining the potential
    options. As a vendor-neutral consulting organization, TPK provides
    objective recommendations based on each client’s needs.
  • The consultant with review
    the proposed options with the client, explaining the benefits and costs
    associated with each option and assisting the client with selecting the
    best path forward for their specific needs.
  • The TPK team will work with
    the client’s internal resources to collectively implement each solution,
    train the internal staff, and update processes and documentation
  • TPK works with each client
    to determine what portion of the system maintenance will be performed by
    the client and what role TPK will fill in ensuring that the technology
    continues to work well and contribute to the client’s success.


TPK provides
services for many types of hardware solutions. Equipment can be purchased
directly from TPK at competitive prices. The following list of items are
examples of some of the hardware that TPK can provide, deliver, install, and

  • Personal computers,
    workstations, and laptops
  • Tablets and other mobile
  • Servers and storage
  • Unified Threat Management
    systems (UTMs), firewalls, and other security devices
  • Local and wide area
    networking equipment, low-voltage cabling
  • Local and cloud backup
  • Phone and other
    communication systems


As with hardware, experience and vendor neutrality is essential in
selecting the best solution for each client’s needs. The TPKa has
extensive experience with many software solutions and will work with
third-party experts and vendors to present each client with the best solution
for the specific need and work together to keep that system performing well.
The software development team at TPK can customize many of these solutions and
build interfaces between systems to further enhance productivity. The following
list of software solutions are a few examples of the systems that TPK can
recommend, implement, customize, and service:

  • Accounting software
  • Time tracking and payroll
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing, enterprise
    resource planning (MRP/ERP)
  • Contact management, customer
    relationship management (CRM)
  • Email and other
    communication systems
  • Data management and
  • Office productivity suites
  • Internal and external


Implementing the
appropriate technology is only the beginning of the process. Servicing and
maintaining each system is essential to ensure that the technology continues to
fulfill its intended contribution towards business success. TPK works with each
client to determine the impact of downtime and implement systems to minimize
the risk of costly downtime, lost productivity, and repairs. This risk
mitigation can include documentation, preparedness drills, redundant equipment,
proactive replacement, routine upgrades, monitoring, and maintenance.

If problems do arise, TPK is equipped to assist in repairing systems and
restoring functionality. When contacting our office during normal business
hours, a TPK team member will promptly answer the phone and either fulfill the
need while on the phone or schedule a consultant to address the situation. TPK
has an after-hours contact procedure in place to address emergencies that
handle outside of normal business hours.