Electromotor Maintenance

PT TEKNIKA PESONA KAHAYAN is engaged in the field, service and maintenance of AC / DC Motors or better known as Electric or Induction Motor, because Electric or Induction Motor is a very vital tool / stabilize the power of electricity which usually used by factories, high buildings (scrapers Sky, and other industries)


Our experienced PQ & Energy Monitoring team measures, locates and quantifies power quality issues and/or energy usage (load profile) by installing temporary or permanent power quality/energy monitoring equipment. We can design, supply, install, commission and support metering systems for both Continuous Energy Monitoring and Continuous Power Quality Monitoring

In general, PT. TEKNIKA PESONA KAHAYAN Colaborated with Partners that have specialites to this services, has experienced and has many solutions in serving customer for the job field:

  • Repair & overhaul
  • Rewinding electromotor
  • Generator
  • Transformer

Work Repair, Overhaul & Rewinding Electromotor, Generator And Transformer Include:

  1. Repair, Overhoul and Rewinding Generator AC / Alternator
  2. Repair and Rewinding DC Motor
  3. Repair and Rewinding Induction Motor AC HV / LV
  4. Repair and Rewinding Transformer
  5. Repair Submersible Pump
  6. Motor Slip Ring
  7. Compressor Chiller Motor
  8. Coil Brake
  9. Lifting Magnet
  10. Servo Motor